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There aren't many of us, but we span the globe. A few of us have changed our names.

Enjoying seeing what is out there.

Familien Aarsland

The site is in Norwegian, but navigate to the photos to see their family. Also check out the July 2003 visit to Minnesota.

Øyvind Kolbrek Website

Řyvind Kolbrek and Kristin Aarsland are brother and sister. Another site with Norwegian text.

Jim Kolbrek's Falls Frames

Although not mentioned on the site, this company is owned and operated by Jim Kolbrek.

Joel Pickard

From the website, "Hatfarm is Joel Pickard, who lives and works in Oakland, California. Pickard creates music for dance, theatre, performance, video, and gallery installations. As a performer he plays pedal steel guitar in Mire, lap steel guitar in Jigsaw, and classical guitar throughout the bay area."

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